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Godiva Chocolatier: Weddings

Godiva Chocolatier has a new section of Wedding & Party Favors including small boxes of truffles (the heart and crescent truffles are my favorite) and miniature three-tiered wedding cakes. My boyfriend, upon seeing the display, pointed out that they would be great for proposals as well as wedding favors – I knew there was a reason I loved him so much.

You can buy a set of 4 for $38 at Godiva.com.


FoodNetwork Weddings

I love Paula Deen. Something about good Southern cooking – a kitchen with enough butter to carve statues – and the twinkle in her eyes when she laughs strikes a chord within me. It warms my heart that she had her wedding in a small church, reception in her restaurant The Lady and Sons (a small town feel while FoodNetwork’s film crew was broadcasting to the world), and she was still amazed that people were actually waiting outside her restaurant just to catch a glimpse of her. If you saw the episode and are looking for any of the menu items – or that beautiful song by Meghan Shanley – you can find them here.

On another wedding note, Food Network Caters Your Hawaiian Wedding was rather long – Giada was beautiful as always – the hubby-to-be was studdly (did you see those arms?) – and the bride-to-be was fake blond. You can read more about the contest and try to enter here.