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No Reservations vs. No Reservations

I love Anthony Bourdain. I love Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Upon first hearing of the movie No Reservations, I had grand dreams of them co-hosting/co-staring in a feature length episode of Bourdain’s hour long cooking/travel/history show of the same title (aired 10PM ET, Mondays on the Travel Channel). Alas, no such luck.

No Reservations – The Movie – Trailer The Official Warner Bros. Site

No Reservations – The Man, The Legend, Anthony Bourdain


Anthony Bourdain: What is a “chef”?

I love Anthony Bourdain. He dances with words, darting them to hit your palate, your gut, and your heart. He travels the world, he eats, he writes about it. He has a sense of humor and a glint in his eye. What does he think of his profession? Find out here: Anthony Bourdain: What is a “chef”?

Bertolli® Marketing Mash-up

Now, I love cooking and I love marketing – but, Bertolli’s WhatsYourMedStyle.com seems like too much of a good thing.

The site utilizes technological flourishes including Rocco DiSpirito’s spirited attention grabbing opening speech. The main pull seems to be a chance for an opportunity to co-host an online cooking show (with Rocco DiSpirito of Top Chef fame, but of course), but as your eyes dart around the page, each calls for a different action.

To the side, they let you watch Rocco, and even better, they let you watch/rate/link your competition, should you enter the competition for the co-hosting opportunity. Then, almost as an afterthought, they stick on a $2 off coupon for Bertolli┬« Mediterranean style frozen dinners (they’re pretty good, actually). Then, as if ALL of the above wasn’t enough – they have a link to weekly giveaways such as $100 gift cards or autographed cookbooks.

If you want to check it out: What’s Your Med Style?

Key Lime Pie: On A Stick

IF you love those little yellow-green orbs that hail from Mile 0 (Key West) | IF you love that tart & creamy heavenly pie that is keylime | IF you don’t have your own personal jet to get to the Florida Keys…

Bring the Pie to You:

My personal favorite is Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe their collection includes Frozen Key Lime Pie Dipped in Chocolate On A Stick: 24 bars at $169.95 is $7.08 per bar, a good $2.22 less than the Blond Giraffe’s $9.30 per bar (30 for $279.00).

Glad’s Steamiest Chef

You know, the Brawny man and Mr. Clean are two guys who show the rest of mankind that it’s okay to clean. The following men apparently are competing in Glad’s Steamiest Chef contest for a chance to show mankind it’s okay to…steam?

Although clever, I do not believe a “steamy” celebrity chef is going to entice me into buying Glad’s SimplyCooking: Microwave Steaming Bags.

But, I may be inclined to vote

Sam Talbot

Dave Lieberman

Govind Armstrong

G. Garvin

Aaron Sanchez